Intentional Back To School Shopping With Box Tops

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I’ve been talking a lot about my oldest daughter, and how we’ve been preparing her for kindergarten. She started on Monday, and it’s been going well!!

In addition to getting her ready, it’s important to me to invest in the school we are entrusting with her education. I’ve been learning about how to do so with Box Tops and it’s a great way to give back! This 

Box Tops are found on several items, and each one earns 10 cents for your school. All you have to do is turn them in, and you’ve made a small, but significant contribution!! 

Those 10 cents can really add up because Box Tops are found on items you likely need anyways. So why not kill two birds with one stone? (Kind of a morbid expression now that I think about it. Lol.)

Shop for your household, give some supplies to the classroom, and help the money roll in!

After talking to my daughter’s teacher at the meet and greet, she said they can never have enough of the paper goods. So I went to Walmart and picked up the Kleenex® Trusted Care* 3 Bundle Pack,    Kleenex® Trusted Care* 4 Bundle Pack, and Viva® Vantage® 6 Big Rolls for the classroom. While I was there I also got the Scott® Tissue 20 Roll Pack for our family, because, well, you can never have too much TP! Hahaha!

You can get double Box Tops with the Kleenex Facial Tissue so that’s a plus, and it was fun to see some of our favorite characters on the packaging!

Since I’m a newbie when it comes to having a school-aged child, I’m excited about anything that can simplify the BTS process, as well as lend a helping hand.  

There are so many emotions involved, as well as the practical aspect (at least for me there have been😭), so as a bonus for all my fellow first time kindergarten mamas, I’ve included this quick  checklist!

I will continue to look for Box Tops on all of our regularly purchased items, and as school gears up around the country, I hope you do too!

Have a wonderful year!! 




25 thoughts on “Intentional Back To School Shopping With Box Tops

  1. I completely forgot about about box tops! I will have to keep an eye out! Anything that supports local schools, I’m down with. I really miss back to school shopping for myself, and one day I am so looking forward to getting to do that with future kiddos!

    1. It’s a great way to support the schools and I’ve had fun shopping with my daughter for the first time this year.
      Blessings ,

  2. I’ve never done box tops before now, but now that I’m going to have a kids in school, I’ve just started saving them. There are tons of them on various products!

    1. There are so many! Now that I have a school-age child I’m noticing it more and more.


  3. I need to do better about box tops! My daughter starts Kindergarten next year (tear) and I am willing to do whatever to assist her school!

  4. Oh, Box tops…it’s that time again! I cut hundreds last year for Clara’s school (volunteer) and will probably be signing up to help again this year! Alex is getting sooo big! I hope she is loving Kindergarten too! 🙂

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