How I Simplified Back To School Shopping!

My oldest baby starts kindergarten in 3 days. That’s right. Just 3 days!! We got her registered, met her teacher, and went BTS shopping. My mama heart might not be ready for this, but thanks to, it was so easy for me to get her everything she needs to get started on the right foot!


Convenience is my love language (does that sound bad? LOL *shrugs*), so shopping on-line is a must!! This is such a busy time of year, and call me crazy, but I’m a little nervous about this transition!

I’m not one of those seasoned mom’s who is counting down the days until school starts. Give me some time and I’ll probably get there, haha, but this is a new process for me too!

Will she like this new school?

Will I like this new school?

What will her teacher be like?

Will there be any rotten little kids I’ll have to threaten along with their parents? (I’m so serious. Haha.)

Will I survive the drop-off & pick-up line?

Will she have everything she needs?

What does she need??

Thankfully the last couple questions were easily answered. I looked on the school website for the “suggested supplies” list and was able to find every single item on It literally took me 10 minutes!!

I purchased a composition notebook, notecards, pencils, markers, crayons, safety scissors and so much more!

On top of efficiency, (and did I mention convenience 😉), you can’t beat’s Everyday Low Prices! Because of the great savings and Rollback prices on so many items, I also stocked up on some quick food options for my growing girl.

Snacks are life, lol, and since I pack her lunch every day, I wanted her to have something quick she could chomp on too.

You should have seen my husband’s face when these packages were all stacked at our door. You would have thought we won the lottery or something! 😂

It did feel great to fill up the pantry without having to leave the house, but it also felt wonderful to bring our box of supplies to Alexandra’s new teacher yesterday. They work so hard for our little ones, and I’m happy that helped me to provide them with more of what they need for a successful year!

Do you have school age children? Are you excited or apprehensive about them going back to school?

Whether you start next week or next month, there’s plenty of time to get just what you need at!! Take advantage of the savings, and cheers to a safe and wonderful new school year!!

23 thoughts on “How I Simplified Back To School Shopping!

  1. Ordering online sounds so convenient for BTS! I mean, have you seen some of the aisles in the stores?! Some of them are bare-bones! Online must be the way to go!

  2. I am very thankful that the school my kiddo will be going to offered the option to order supplies for parents. Plus, with everything being used as a whole in the class and not kept for each student individually, this was our best option. No stress for me!

    1. That’s great for the school to do that! I was happy to order online and not have to worry about specific personal details since it will all be shared.


  3. Loved the convenience of ordering online since our Walmart is 40 minutes away! I am so not ready for school to begin

  4. Shopping online is the best! Looks like she’s all set. Snacks are a must for these growing kids. I swear every hour they are hungry! Good luck to her tomorrow! And you too 🙂

  5. Buying it online looks WAY easier than fighting the crowds!! I can understand your anxiety mama! I don’t want to ever send my son to school lol

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