A Special Date With My Daughter

On Monday I did a thing.

After a little planning and coordinating, I took my 5 year old daughter out for some very special quality time. 

I set out to spend quality time with each of my girls, but I had this strong urge, this pulling on my heart strings, to take it up a notch for my oldest. 

It wasn’t fancy. It wasn’t far. It wasn’t very expensive. 

But it was special, and memorable, and everything we both needed.

About a week or so before our mommy-daughter date, I felt like I needed to re-connect with my little girl. She has such a kind and sensitive heart, but she challenges me as well.

She is that child.

The one who gets in trouble for acting just like me, and I often find myself short on patience with her. 

A lot of my mom guilt stems from our interactions.

I’m in a constant battle of wills with her, wondering if I’m pushing too hard or not enough. Praying that I’m encouraging, not discouraging her. Hoping that she will grow up respecting, not resenting me. And often left wondering if I’m doing anything right at all.

It doesn’t help that everything is always so busy, but I wanted to do something to show her that I do see her.

I see that she’s growing and maturing every day. I see her intelligence and her beauty. Her caring spirit. The way she stands for what is right, and how her precious heart loves the Lord.

So we went. Just the two of us.

We went…

We ate pizza and gelato, and she squealed with glee when they gave her a ball of her very own dough.

We went to the dollar movie theater and she got the biggest kick out of that silly old Boss Baby.

We shopped at Payless where she was able to pick out two pairs of new summer shoes.

We roamed the aisles of Target, because, well, because mommy couldn’t resist. LOL.

We met up with one of our dearest friends for her birthday dinner, and Alex hummed with joy at every bite of shrimp.

We went to a local hotel for the night, where she unpacked her bag like she was somebody’s mama. Then she jumped over and over and over again on the bed. 

We snuggled during Paw Patrol and gave each other manis and pedis. We ate junk food, had girl talk, and ignored the clock when we finally went to sleep. 

I let her get the sugary cereal at the continental breakfast, and push all the buttons on the elevator.

She smiled so much and squeezed me so tight, and said I was the best mommy ever, about 10 different times. 

My darling girl will be going into kindergarten next month, and that is cause to weep celebrate. But it’s also a major wake-up call that time keeps moving on.

I’m thinking this will be a new tradition every year. One we can continue with the fondest of memories, the biggest of hugs, and the heartiest laughter.

One that isn’t about the ‘what we do’ as much as the ‘who we’re with’. And it is one that I will pass on to her younger sister, so she will also know, that, yes, mama sees her too.

44 thoughts on “A Special Date With My Daughter

  1. Well now you’ve got me crying, and realizing that I too need to take my oldest out for a mommy and me date. He pushes my buttons and I lose my patience… maybe that’s the oldest child’s curse. So glad you had so much fun love

    1. It’s such a challenge!!! She’s still pushing all my buttons but I know this special time did both our hearts good.


  2. Patricia, you write so wonderfully well and I love reading your blog. This one pulls me right in. You are so smart about your girls and so far-sighted. You are building their memories but also your own against that time when they move away from pushing all the elevator buttons and jumping on the beds. Thanks once again for sharing your life and your heart!

  3. This is beautiful! It truly is the little things. I can also relate to your feelings of mom guilt and “that kid’ that is so much like you that you have to work hard at being as patient with them. I too have many of those same worries. It looks like you are doing an amazing job!

  4. Oh my word. Just reading this brings SUCH a smile to my face. It sounds like she was so happy and she will truly treasure that day with you. I bet it’s moments like those that make the tough times a little bit easier to plow through.

  5. This is so beautiful and so important. I’ve been spending more one on one time with my daughter and it’s kinds of blown my mind to see how much she’s growing up. I’m so happy you had such a lovely, special day.

  6. Omg you and your daughter are so cute. I love quality time with my babies. I’ll have to remember to carve out time for each of them as they get older. Loved this!!

  7. Special dates with your kids are so good. I still do dates with my now 13 year old son. I want him to treasure the time we have together without there being a lets run here, lets go there and then some.

  8. I find I have to do this to connect with my older daughter a lot. My son, her younger brother, really soaks up a lot of my time and I miss spending quality time with her.

  9. My mom died when I was 10…when she knew her cancer was terminal she made a point to take my sisters and me on individual dates. Those dates are some of my BEST memories from my childhood. I know your daughter will cherish these as well!

    1. I didn’t know that Lindsey. I’m so sorry for your loss! How sweet it is to have such cherished memories.


  10. This is so important!! I need to spend more quality time with Henry doing fun solo stuff! I bet she was thrilled!

  11. Patty, you are the best mom ever and I love this idea of spending special one on one time with your daughter. This gives me some good ideas to do with mine.
    love you,

  12. This is so sweet. I try and do date nights with my son because i dont get a lot of time one on one with being with the baby on my hip. Its so important to make the time!

    1. Absolutely! I know that my daughter craves this time and just because she’s a little more independent now doesn’t mean that I want to neglect her in anyway.


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