Our Appetizing Anniversary Dinner at Kona Grill!

My husband and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on Monday. 7 years!! Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun right? So they tell me. Hahaha.

As much as we’d love a weekend getaway, the timing isn’t great right now. So we spun our wheels a bit thinking about how we wanted to celebrate, and decided to try Kona Grill for the first time.

We were looking to have a great dining experience to go along with some excellent food (that we didn’t have to share with children!), and we definitely picked the right place!

We decided to go for an earlier dinner since we’re an old married couple now, lol, and we were really impressed with the decor. My husband kept admiring the fish tank, and I liked the many decorative details of the space.

Even at 5:30 (see, old married couple dinner time, haha), the place was abuzz.

We made reservations so there wasn’t a wait, and while we enjoyed our spot inside, they do have an outdoor patio we might try the next time we go.

They have a kitchen and sushi bar, and one of the main draws for me was knowing that Kona Grill uses fresh ingredients made from scratch.

The one menu item I’d heard about prior to our visit was their sushi. I knew I’d be trying some, and to my surprise, my hubby did too! Keep in mind that he has had sushi maybe 2 or 3 times in his life, so color me shocked when he even decided to choose the roll!

He selected the Checkerboard Roll with habanero tuna, avocado, asparagus, tuna, yellowtail, and spicy motoyaki sauce. It was an absolutely delicious starter with the right amount of kick!!!

Don’t judge my chopstick form. It gets the job done!

There were a plethora of rolls we wanted to try, but we knew we had to save room for our entrees. 

My husband ordered the jambalaya, and was generous enough to share a whole fork-full with me. Hehe. Seriously, this dish was packed with flavor and he loved every bite!!

I went for the NY strip, and let me tell you; it did not disappoint!! It was cooked to perfection (sorry folks, I can’t do rare or medium-rare), and the house mashed potatoes were very good. Everything was seasoned just right, which was disappointing only because we didn’t need to try one of Kona Grill’s 40+ made-from-scratch sauces they make daily. Aaaaaaand, I even ate all my vegetables! Yum!

As you can see, the portions were extremely generous. We decided to eat half of our meal in order to save some room for dessert.

Oh the delectable options continued!!

I was torn between the Spiced Apple Bread Pudding and the Passion Fruit Crème Brûlée. This is when our very sweet server told us that she’d already ordered a crème brûlée as a special treat for us and our anniversary!! She was so thoughtful and attentive throughout the night, and this was certainly the icing on the cake!! 

So… of course we opted to try the bread pudding too, and let me tell you…

It was divine!! They both were!! So scrumptious and delicious, like every bite of our entire meal!!!

What a great (and filling) night it was!!!

My love and I are so grateful for the positive experience we had at Kona Grill. We celebrated our love with quality food and some very special time together!!

Have you been to Kona Grill before? Sign up here for your free appetizer, and be sure to tell me what you order when you go!!

33 thoughts on “Our Appetizing Anniversary Dinner at Kona Grill!

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Getting away is definitely not always easy, but as long as you get to spend some quality time together, that’s all that matters. And it looks like you went to the perfect place, everything looks so yummy!

  2. Happy anniversary! We love Mona grill! Looks like you guys had such a great time. And the food can’t be beat! They have a great happy hour too!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I tell people not to judge my chopstick skills either 🙂 As long as the food gets in your mouth, that’s all that matters. I live in Oklahoma, and sadly no Kona Grills here. But I’ve been to one in Dallas, and it’s so delicious

  4. I love following you guys and this marriage. So strong and full of love. Happy Anniversary and again so jealous you got to eat at this place. Everything looks amazing and a must try.

  5. Yummmm everything sounds amazing! They just opened a Kona Grill here in Georgia so I gotta check it out! my mother-in-law goes all the time and says it’s incredible. I’m missing out for sure!

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