What Motherhood Means To…Meghan

What does motherhood mean to me?

It means constantly cleaning up toys. Occasionally stepping on legos. Scooping poop out of the bathtub.

Cutting the crust off of each sandwich. Continually wiping snotty noses until you just throw in the towel and let it drip. And yelling “GO TO SLEEP” five hundred and sixty-two times every night.

But even more than that, it is the most glorious and rewarding dream-come-true I could ever experience during life on this earth.

Photo Courtesy of Meghan Joy Yancy; Credit: www.slowroadphoto.com

I always say that motherhood is something in life that will bring some of the most difficult challenges. And it is also a role that will bring the most intense joy you could ever experience. It is something that I am so grateful I get to journey through. I praise God through the hard times and the good times.

And yes, even though I have 3-day-long excruciating labor and births to bring these children into the world, I even try to be thankful for that. Because I know there are so many who don’t (and maybe never will) get to experience that. So, I’m going to practice gratefulness for everything that comes with this child-raising blessing.

Motherhood is making the tough decisions. Even when it goes against society’s norms. Well, especially when it goes against society’s norms. Because that is where I usually find myself:

My husband and I have 5 children (so far.)

*We’ve been asked if we know what natural family planning is.

We are an interracial family.

*I’ve been asked if I do childcare or foster care. (Because these couldn’t possibly be my biological kids.)

Photo Courtesy of Meghan Joy Yancy; Credit: www.slowroadphoto.com

We homeschool.

*People are very curious as to how we will socialize the kids.

We don’t do many extracurricular activities. We are home all day most days. And we really like it that way.

*Mom guilt is laid THICK in this day and age where we should put every kid in every activity every season.

We don’t vaccinate. We mostly use homeopathic alternatives and Young Living Essential Oils. My kids don’t really know what a doctor visit is like.

*I’ve gotten some crap on all this stuff. Not surprising.

All 5 of our kids share a bedroom. And more often than not, they sleep in the same bed (or no bed at all and opt for the floor).

*GASP… don’t they all need their own rooms/beds though?

Must I really go on?

My point is, we all do this mothering thing differently and I think that is part of the beauty of it all. I have the choice to respect and honor each mom for the choices she makes for her sake of her family. And in opportunities in life, we get to share those decisions and then each decide what works for our families or not. It’s really quite a blessing. Let’s do this motherhood thing together, even if we do it differently.

The real depth of it is going with your gut and relying on the Holy Spirit for His guidance and wisdom. It’s going to be different for each family and each child. I’ve been in this place of abiding in Jesus throughout my day. And I don’t want to say it’s been hard. But dang…. It’s been HARD. And that is super humbling (and a little shameful) to admit but I’m going to be real honest here.

Even with our days spent mostly at home, it can get so crazy. I’m homeschooling and blogging, and running multiple business from home and to balance it all is normally chaos. And it’s JUST. SO. LOUD. Like… really LOUD. All the time.

So, to have those quiet intimate moments with Jesus just seem so far and in between.
And then, just when I’m about to yell at the kids to PLEASE BE QUIET, I stop before the sounds can leave my lips. And I ponder on the fact that I have 5 kids. 5 healthy kids. Who are running and screaming. Who have bones and muscles that work. Vocal chords and energy to make noise and play. Imaginations and creativity that BLOW ME AWAY. I have 5 incredible kids right here in front of me. Gifts just handed to me by my Savior. To raise to love Him and know Him and live for Him. I am to steward them in this life. This is my place.

And this, even this, is my time with Jesus. To come to this place of realization that my moments with Him will not always be quiet and intimate. But they can be in the loudness and in the chaos. My abiding in Jesus can happen IN my motherhood. And THAT, is a beautiful truth. And one I need to constantly remind myself of.

Photo Courtesy of Meghan Joy Yancy; Credit: www.melissaleeannphotography.com
Photo Courtesy of Meghan Joy Yancy; Credit: www.melissaleeannphotography.com

Meghan and her husband live in Maple Grove, Minnesota with their 5 kids. They enjoy weekends at home and random dance parties, along with pursuing their dreams and working on becoming better partners and parents. Along with homeschool, Meghan runs businesses from home while her husband works as an Assistant Principal, basketball coach and realtor. Meghan runs her blog, Meghan Joy Yancy, on the premise of living for today and finding joy in your ordinary moments. You can follow along on her Instagram for more of these ordinary moments as well.

23 thoughts on “What Motherhood Means To…Meghan

  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Meghan’s family is beautiful! I have experienced some of the same questions she received. People are so crazy. Thankful our hope and guidance comes from Jesus and not others’ opinions! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love reading this series. It is so great hearing other mom’s perspectives. No matter the differences in each of us, the common quality is always LOVE. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Been following Meghan on Instagram for a while now. She has such a gorgeous family. I love the part she wrote about stopping an reflecting on the moment and appreciating all 5 of her wonderful gifts of joy.

  4. I love this so much! Way to go against the grain and to parent how God has instructed you despite of people’s judgements and have all the babies in the world! Your raising awesome Christ followers!

  5. LOVE this! Beautiful family, and what a great perspective on the importance of parenting according to the dictates of your own conscience instead of just following the norm. Way to go!

  6. I also have five children and I’ve heard some of the very same things from people. Your family is beautiful and I love hearing about your story. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  7. Such a beautiful family! I love this, and I love that she got real about the craziness and noise…moms like her make me wonder, “how??” I guess embracing the crazy and noise is something we all have to learn to do!

  8. I love this, Meghan is so awesome. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who has to tell my kids to GO TO BED five million times some nights. Also though, if it makes you feel any better I get asked about the daycare thing or “are they all yours” all the time too, so that might stem also from the fact that you have so many young ones and some people can’t wrap their heads around the concept of a large family.

  9. As a mother of 4 who also gets constant crap about how we “need” to stop having kids, I can really relate to this. I love your reminder to find Jesus in the midst of the LOUD and the chaos instead of waiting for the quiet that so rarely comes. Thank you for being you and for sharing with the rest of us.

  10. I think the worst thing we mothers can do is expect others to do things the way we do and pushing our methods on others. At the end of the day, we are all figuring things out as we go and so long as there is love and safety, I don’t condone any “shaming” for differences in parenting. Thanks for being unapologetically you.

  11. That was truly such a remarkable and touching read! She has such a heart of grace…”let’s do this motherhood thing together, even if we do it differently”. What a beautiful family!

  12. “The real depth of it is going with your gut and relying on the Holy Spirit for His guidance and wisdom. ” This sentence is everything. Sometimes as mothers we try to draw on our own strength when we should be drawing from the Lord. Meghan is such an amazing woman with a beautiful family. I enjoyed this post so much!

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