A Weekend of Love and LuLaRoe

These items were provided in exchange for a review. As always, my opinion is 100% honest and my own.

This past Saturday I had an awesome pre-Valentine’s Day date with my hubby. I shared more about that here, but I failed to mention one important detail:

What was a girl to wear?!

We weren’t going anywhere formal but I knew we’d be out all day. I wanted to feel pretty while being comfortable and confidant in my own skin. 

This is where LulaRoe by Jessica Hamm came in.

When Jessica and I became acquainted I could tell right away that she was very knowledgeable and meant business. She was serious about helping women put their best foot forward in clothes they could feel truly beautiful in. 

After asking me a few questions about my size, preferences, ‘trouble areas’, and favorite colors and patterns, Jessica selected two outfits for me that I absolutely love!!! 

I knew from my first LuLaRoe experience that the Carly was a must, and this purple color is so pretty!

You know those shirts you end up buying in every available color? Well, I feel like that’s going to be me and this dress! I honestly love wearing dresses but I feel a lot more self-conscience these days. The Carly is flattering, the perfect length and it can be styled in so many ways!

I paired it with some LuLaRoe leggings and my go-to booties and was set!

I know, I know. There’s so much hype around these leggings but I’m beginning to understand!

Let me tell you that the first thing that impressed me was the fact that they even have a ‘tall and curvy’ size. I’m a curvy girl so I’m always a bit hesitant about the leggings route, but these fit me so well!! They didn’t ride up or slide down, or cut off my circulation. And they are soooooo soft! I kept telling my husband to feel how soft they were, lol, because I couldn’t believe it!

When I get home at the end of the day I’m usually so ready to change into something cozy, but I lounged in these leggings for a long time before I decided I probably shouldn’t sleep in them! True story! 😉

Since I was on a roll with my new LuLaRoe items, I decided to wear my second outfit to church on Sunday.

This time it was a Classic T and Sarah duster.

At first I was a little uncertain about the Classic T. I didn’t know if the fit or shape would be flattering, but when I put it on I was hooked. It fell right into place and looked really cute with jeans. Once I added the Sarah I felt a bit more polished for Sunday service and this pattern is amazing!! I love all things cardigan so this one was definitely a no brainer!!

Jessica hit the nail on the head with the styles, fit and patterns she selected for me. She has great inventory and super shopping opportunities in her Facebook group, and she keeps it fun in there as well! You’ll want to stay up to date with her on Instagram too, and right now we are hosting a giveaway!! 

Visit my feed for your chance to win a Sarah duster of your choice!

Jessica will also be debuting them in her group this weekend, so don’t miss out!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Tell me, what do you love about LuLaRoe?

Happy shopping!!

70 thoughts on “A Weekend of Love and LuLaRoe

  1. Those are my favorite styles as well. You look fantastic! I love the Sarah you’re wearing, and now it’s my new unicorn!

    1. I’ve only recently tried it but it’s definitely something you’ll want to mark off your list!!


  2. That purple, definitely your color! I am obsessed with lularoe now, the leggings, the Carly, the Sarah, the Irma, all of it!

  3. Purple looks great on you!! I am new to the LuLaRoe craze. I went to a party my neighbor was having but only bought leggings for my daughter because it was around Christmas and then my sister was nice enough to buy me two pairs for Christmas and I love them. So comfy!! I have never seen the Sarah duster but am in love!!

    1. Thank you Kelli! I haven’t purchased anything for my daughters but that might need to be my next move!


    1. The Randy? There’s another one I haven’t tried yet! They have so many great options and I’d love to get some for the girls.


  4. I loooooove this duster! I have such a loser habit of kneeling down in dusters and getting my boots caught in the bottom of them and falling over 🙂

    1. That legit has me laughing because I’d do the same. Lol. But at least we’d look cute as we tripped over ourselves!!!


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