Holiday Hosting With Stella Cheese

Now that Thanksgiving is over we can all relax right? Hahaha. WRONG!!

The Christmas season is upon us which means decorating, holiday music, shopping, planning, and of course, hosting some fun and festive gatherings! 

Christmas Eve dinner is at our place for the second year in a row, and as I consider different menu options I want to have great appetizers in place. A cheese board is a definite go-to in my book, and this year I’ll be using one of the many flavorful options from Stella Cheese!


I had a super simple combination in mind, and decided to give it a trial run this afternoon. I used my girls as taste-testers, because anything their taste buds approved was sure to be a winner.

I baked kale chips while they napped, and thought those would pair nicely with crackers, salami, raspberries, and Stella® Romano Cheese.


I happen to love Romano cheese, and I even use it in one of my favorite turkey meatball recipes. The taste of the Stella® Romano Cheese is outstanding with its old world craftsmanship and rich dairy heritage that dates all the way back to 1923!

I ate several slices by itself and plenty with the meat and crackers too. It made me so happy to see my daughters get into it.  My 4 year old even thanked me for the yummy food at our indoor picnic.


Lunch today was a nice break from the Turkey Day leftovers and truly a treat. With over a dozen more Stella Cheeses to choose from (get the full list here), the combinations are endless!


Make Stella Cheese a part of your holiday meals this season, and don’t miss the fabulous opportunity to win a trip to the beautiful Napa Valley, CA!! Entering is simple. Click here!

What’s your favorite cheesy combination? I’d love for you to share your ideas with me!








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32 thoughts on “Holiday Hosting With Stella Cheese

    1. I didn’t even know what this board was called LOL. And I remember drooling over your photos then too. It’s so good! Thanks!

    1. I was doing some experimenting but it turned out well! And I looooove cheese too! Like really love it!! Hahaha.

      Thanks Chelsea!


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