A Thankful Heart: Sisterly Love

In my recent post, 9 Things I love About Novemberone of the things I mentioned was the outward expression of thankfulness in this season. It truly warms my heart!

I hope to do a better job of slowing down and giving God thanks for His many blessings, so I’ve decided to join some beautiful blogging buddies of mine for ‘A Thankful Heart‘ link-up.

Pausing to reflect on the good that surrounds us, no matter how big or small, does something wonderful for your spirit.

Today I’m thankful for something really special I noticed this weekend:

The growing bond between my precious girls. 

Raglans/Tink and Key

Don’t get me wrong, they bicker and tattle and fight all.the.time, but there’s no doubt that they have each other’s back!

We went to a couple fall festival’s yesterday and watching them interact was the sweetest thing!!

Lily wants to do EVERYTHING her big sissy does, and she repeats anything she says. She is her little shadow, and Alex loves being her little sissy’s spokesperson. She makes sure we know exactly what she’s trying to communicate and is always looking out for her.

They were sharing their treats yesterday and chatting away about the fun they were having. At one point Alex even spoon fed Lily some of their sno-cone and I turned into a puddle right then and there!


While doing her hair this morning I told Alex that she was smart and beautiful, strong and kind. I told her God made her so special. Her response?

“Lily too, right?!!!” 🙂

She always makes sure her sister is included, and I love the heart they have for each other. They read together, help one another, and probably have the most fun ganging up on me (usually conspiring with their daddy).

I know there will be plenty of ups and downs between them but something clicked for me this weekend.

Not only is it an incredible privilege to watch them grow, but I also get to witness them grow in their relationship together. For that I am thankful. ❤

img_4049 img_4050 img_4048 img_4047

We’ll be sharing some thoughts every Sunday of this month, and whether you blog or not you are welcome to participate! Visit Aleigh’s blog, For the Joy of Life for all the details, and use #thankfulheartseries so we can follow along!

What are you thankful for today?


41 thoughts on “A Thankful Heart: Sisterly Love

  1. I’m literally screaming, “I Can’t!” out loud at my computer, right now!! This whole post has me speechless, and nearly in tears <3

  2. Oh my gosh they are the cutest little things! I love that they are building such a strong friendship and sisterly bond. I love having an older sister. We fought quite a bit for sure, but she is always there for me. Thank you for linking up, I loved reading this 🙂

  3. Aw I just love seeing pics of your girls! I wish our girls could play together, we got to get on that facetime. 🙂 I feel just like you do about my two and now with another girl it will be interesting to see how they all get along and interact. 🙂 I am so grateful for my little blessings.
    xo, Nicole

    1. They are such blessings and you’re so close to having your third precious girl! We definitely need to FaceTime my friend!

  4. I LOVE sisters.. I grew up with 3 sisters, and I can say to this day that they are my best friends… at times I don’t even want to talk to my friends because I have my sisters haha…. there is a bond that no one else will ever know unless they had sisters

    1. I grew up with one brother so that’s so encouraging to hear! I love that they are your best friends and I pray the same for my girls!!

      Blessings to you!


  5. Your posts are so heart warming. The whole sibling relationship thing is an on going concern with my two sons. It’s such a mystery that some days they can be laughing and getting along, while other times it feels like I’m raising Cain and Abel. Reading about the experiences other parents face is incredibly helpful. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your view points.

    1. That mean so much to me Mary. They definitely have their days when they just battle it out and it’s disheartening, but I truly believe it’s part of the process and that they will only grow closer as time moves on.

      Blessings to you!

  6. I don’t think those girls could get any cuter. I have those moments of realization with my girls too. They are mostly at each others throats but there is that one moment. That moment where their bond shines through. It is a beautiful thing to see!

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