The Quest for Quality Time: A Night Out With My Husband

This three day weekend was refreshing in so many ways. Not only did I enjoy some fun with the family, I also had some one-on-one time with my hubby!!

image I know I’m tremendously blessed to live near relatives and friends who will help out with the girls, (believe me, I don’t take it for granted), but it had still been quite a while since we relished in some true quality time. image I originally had grand plans considering that both his birthday and our wedding anniversary had just passed, but at the end of the day it was last minute, simple, and wonderful.

We dropped our daughter’s off with my parents and proceeded to sit in their driveway until one of us had an idea. Ha! I finally suggested that we drive downtown and let things fall into place on their own. This is atypical of my tendency to plan and plan some more, but the focus wasn’t on what we were doing. It was truly about who I was with

We had arrived earlier than the typical dinner-time rush, and since it was Sunday many places were closed. We found parking right away which was a pleasant surprise, and the humidity was actually bearable!! We enjoyed walking slowly, holding hands, talking about numerous things, and simply being in the moment.

We had a delicious dinner and even splurged on dessert. All throughout he was beaming with confidence over the new Jord wood watch he received as a birthday gift. He can be a difficult one to shop for, so it made me happy to see him smile! image image This unique watch is eye-catching and masculine, and he knew he was wearing it well. I’m happy that it’s a new staple in his wardrobe. Since we didn’t have any true time constraints and my honey was more than happy to look at his snazzy new timepiece at any given opportunity, lol, we actually looked at each other’s faces more than our phones! Seriously, that’s the general rule when we go on a date, and it was just what we needed. 

Once we were home we lamented over how much we missed our girls, then we got wise and enjoyed the silence. 😉 

I have fun being with my husband and want to take advantage of these opportunities to soak it all in with him. He’s my favorite person and my best friend, and if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that time is precious. I want to make ours last. image

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What did you and your significant other do for your last date night? Have a fun girl’s night you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!







*Disclaimer: Some of these items were received free for my review, but my love for them is 100% genuine.*

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16 thoughts on “The Quest for Quality Time: A Night Out With My Husband

  1. I love Jord Watches and love your pick for your husband. It looks so fitting on him! So happy to hear you had a wonderful date night, unfortunately my husband and I haven’t had one in months… I’m going to have to get on that! lol

  2. I love it and I am dying that we picked the exact same watch for our Kevin’s! I think they would get along great just like we do. 🙂
    PS: Yay for date nights!

    xo, Nicole

  3. If you consider a wedding without baby in tow, we had our last date night with all of our closest friends this weekend! but we need a one on one date very soon. LOVE that watch!

  4. Yes! Quality time is so important! I think our last date night was back in May…but we have one planned for FRIDAY and I couldn’t be happier!!!!! We will probably go mini golfing and eat at a new restaurant!

  5. What a nice watch! Love Jord! Glad you had the opportunity to spend some quality time with your hubby! My Hubby and I had a date night last week for our anniversary and went to a South American restaurant, and for a walk by the river! We enjoy simple dates!

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