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Hey everyone! My name is Jamie and I’m a mother to a sassy, smart, and beautiful little girl who is 16 months old. My husband and I have been married for 4 years and are expecting our second daughter this summer. I have wanted to start up a blog for a while now and haven’t quite nailed that down yet – life is just busy! But it’ll be coming soon! In the meantime, Patty has been gracious enough to let me tell you about my experience with motherhood and what it means to me…

Photo courtesy of Jamie Lebak
Photo courtesy of Jamie Lebak

Motherhood means sleepless nights and loving someone more than you ever thought possible. It means living selflessly and always choosing to put someone before you. The endless sacrifices are payment for the sweet little moments that sprinkle each day.

Motherhood is full of giggles and smiles that make late nights and early mornings a little easier to handle (with the help of caffeine of course). After tough evenings of tantrums and me losing my cool, and after the bedtime routine and sweet stories are read, I always find myself looking at the pictures and videos of my daughter I took that day. I can climb into bed frustrated and disappointed in myself for losing it and being frustrated at a one year old, and yet I smile looking back at the photos and memories we made that day. Being pregnant with an active toddler is tough. The guilt I carry in these last few weeks of pregnancy is heavy. The knowledge that my daughter won’t remember these times has been a saving grace for me. It comforts me knowing she won’t remember how limited I’ve been lately.

The one thing I want my girl(s) to remember when they look back on their childhood is that I was there. I played with them and I was active with them. I want them to remember the things they had and not look back and think about the things they didn’t. I want them to remember me being present.

Right now in this stage of motherhood, I am lucky to be a stay at home mom. My daughter and I spend our days together playing and laughing. I realize how privileged I am to watch her grow and learn and teach her things each and every day. Sure we have days where bedtime cannot come soon enough and I watch the clock and count down the hours until my husband gets home, but the good days far outweigh the rough ones.

Each and every morning my daughter and I start our day with a few minutes snuggled in bed. We start our days slowly and ease into our routine. I will forever soak up the moments we share chatting about our day in our pajamas. I know that no matter how our family grows and routines change, I will make sure the morning snuggle sessions will be a constant in our home, our routine, and a fond memory for my daughter to remember about growing up. Because for me, it’s one of the best parts of my motherhood.

Photo courtesy of Jamie Lebak
Photo courtesy of Jamie Lebak

Fantastic news friends! Jamie delivered a healthy baby girl this morning!!! Visit her  @jllebak on Instagram to see the sweetest baby spam, and follow along to see how this family is adjusting to growing from 3 to 4!

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  1. Congratulations on another baby girl! Beautiful post – we don’t have much of a schedule per se, but we do have a routine. And my favorite part of our routine is that we snuggle every morning. I’m so fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom as well!

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