Fresh For You: A Freshly Picked Giveaway & Review!

I have a confession to make. My daughter’s have what some (mainly my husband), would call a vast amount of shoes. They have different colors and styles, and they certainly have an opinion as to what they do and don’t like.  I thought I covered all my bases until Lily recently got her first pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins.

I’m sure I’ve broken mom-code for being so late to hop on the moccs train, but better late than never! And what better way to start than with these gold beauties from Freshly Picked. Aren’t they cute?!


It was difficult deciding what color to select, and Ayesha Curry’s new collection certainly didn’t make things any easier! Go Warriors!

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

But in the end I decided on gold because it’s a fun neutral that goes well with so much of Lily’s wardrobe.


Leggings are from Bitty B Design. They are no longer in stock, but shorties in this pattern are now available!

Lily is 21 months old and her pair is a size 4 in the soft-sole option. She has a wide foot so I was curious to see how she’d like them, but they fit her very well. The leather is high-quality and she has no problem keeping up with her big sister in these! I must admit that I completely gushed when I saw them on her feet for the first time. They are adorable!!!image


In addition to the moccasins themselves, I am inspired by the hard-work, ingenuity and motivation of owner/creator and CEO Susan Petersen. She poured her sweat and tears into this company long before her appearance on Shark Tank, and her story reminds me that dreams can become reality!



Visit their site for some fun new releases, and stay up to date with them on Instagram and Facebook too!

Enjoy your day friends!








*Disclaimer: These items were received free for my review, but my love for them is genuine! All opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

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50 thoughts on “Fresh For You: A Freshly Picked Giveaway & Review!

  1. We love Freshly Picked!! My son just outgrew his and I’d love to win a new pair for him. Thank you for the chance!!! 🙂

  2. Love!

    I barely know how baby shoe sizes work but I feel like almost all babies have wide feet right? At least I know my baby girl does. Which makes finding shoes that seem comfortable super hard!

  3. My girl has been wearing moccs since she was born, she absolutely loves them! I love that they’re easy for toddlers to put on by themselves too!

  4. I love how these moccs look on chubby little feet! This style is the only kid of shoe my son can’t take off all by himself.

  5. I’m obsessed with these little moccasins! We have moccasin sandals, but I need to get my daughter some traditional ones too. Because let’s be honest, these baby girls can’t have enough cute shoes. 😉

  6. Omg Lily’s face in the photo!! I die!! I just want to squeeze her! My daughter has more shows at 17 months than Cam has in his 3.5 years I think. Must be a girl thing. Ha ha!!

  7. These moccs are the cutest and such a great design for chubby little baby feet! They have such a great selection of styles and love how they’re always coming out with new unique designs. I remember watching her pitch on shark tank!

  8. Thanks for your review, I’m a big freshly picked fan for a few years now. I gotta say my daughters Moccs lasted about 2 years. Even after she grew her shoe size the Moccs are so stretchy they worked just fine. Would love to win a pair for my son

    1. Whoa, two years?! I hope we can hold on to ours for that long! Thanks so much for commenting and entering!

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