I Confess… I Feel Better When I Hear You Fuss

“STOP. Didn’t I tell you to stop? Do you want to go back inside?”

Get off the grass. You know there’s dog poop on there. Get OFF the grass!!

Leave your sister alone. PLEASE. Don’t touch her.

“You’re just not listening. That’s it, we’re done out here. We are DONE.”

*** insert crocodile tears***

“Oh, you wanna cry about it? Well if you want to stay outside I need you to listen. Get down off those steps and listen. NOW!”

Ahhh the sounds of motherhood. 😄

As I sat in my recliner I couldn’t help but chuckle (and empathize) with this mama I heard through my window. Sometimes I feel like all I do is fuss at my children, and it can be exhausting and irritating. I ask myself if it’s just me not doing a good job of picking and choosing my battles, or if my toddler is a Jedi master of hard-headed behavior.😉 Little does this mom know how much she helped ease my mind, because I often need the reminder that I’m not the only one.

I’m not the only one feeling like I’m in the throes of a constant battle of wills with these little people who call me mama, all the while thinking there must be a better way. I’m also not the only one whose  child has an automatic hearing deficiency when I open my mouth to give instructions, testing my patience at every step.😩 And as often as I tell my threenager to stop whining and use her normal voice, I have to ask myself if I have a ‘normal’ voice left. 

Grumbling aside, it sounded like the woman I heard enjoyed the time she spent with her brood. Lately I’ve had a lot of days that feel like we fuss, fight, lose patience and press repeat, but when I take a step back and choose to focus on the good, I see we’ve had even more days of laughter, giggles and a whole lot of joy. 

So thank you mamas for letting me hear you fuss at your kids, and thank you, even more, for letting me here you love on them too. ❤️






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