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Yay!!! It’s time for another Small Shop Spotlight, and this week I’m excited to share Wee Kings with you! Jade is the owner, and she makes beautiful teething and nursing necklaces, earrings and more!! Her products are handmade in California and with lots of love. I had a Q&A with her so we could all get to know her better, and I’m sure you’ll think she’s as incredible as I do!!💗

Tell me a little bit about yourself (family, interests, hobbies, etc.):

I was born and raised in East L.A. I attended Long Beach State (GO BEACH!), and studied broadcast journalism and Spanish. I had dreams of being a National Geographic Explorer (think Lisa Ling), or working for Univision. After college, I joined Americorps because I wasn’t convinced I wanted to pursue journalism. I was placed in Upstate New York, on a farm, in a life sharing community for adults with special needs called Camphill Village. It was absolutely life changing. I stayed in NY for 2.5 years, and transferred to another Camphill community in Santa Cruz. I lived there for 2 years, and met my husband while living there (he did not live there). After my 2 years in Santa Cruz, my husband and I got married. We’ve been married for 5 years, have an awesome boxer named Doug, and two amazing kids, and one on the way. When I’m not pregnant and nauseous, I love craft beer, and good coffee. Besides sewing, for fun, I play roller derby. I belong to the Silicon Valley Roller girls, and I skate under the name of La Sirena. I’m still currently skating, but sadly, have pulled back from much of the contact portion of derby.

Photo courtesy of Jade King
Photo courtesy of Jade King

When did you open your shop and why?

A little backstory on my shop. I didn’t always sell necklaces, nor was it called Wee Kings. It started out as a pacifier clip shop, and it was called Simpatico Stitches. I started the shop because I felt that there was a need for stylish pacifier clips instead of the generic ones that I saw on every baby. Back when my nephew was born 8 years ago, I made my sister a teething necklace, similar to a Wee Kings necklace, but a little “rougher” looking. Fast forward to 4 years after that, when my son was born, I made one to wear so that I could keep his hands busy while nursing and babywearing. It was still a rough version of what I make now. 2 years later, while perusing Pinterest, I found the teething necklace again, and was able to take a few pointers from 3 different tutorials to make what is now, a Wee Kings necklace. I added 3 patterns to my etsy shop in November of last year, and they took off. Soon, I scaled back on my pacifier clip selection, and focused more on the necklaces, and matching earrings (earrings were my brilliant husband’s idea). I also changed the name to something a little more personal. King is my last name, and I make things for my wee Kings, get it?? Hahaha! 😄

What inspires you as you select new patterns and designs?

I’m not sure that I have an “inspiration” for new patterns other than thinking of what I would like to wear. I love strolling through the local fabric shop and touching all the different fabrics, and imagining other women wearing my beautiful creations, and loving them as much as I do.


What is one thing that makes your shop unique?

What makes my shop unique is that I am a one woman shop. I don’t have any employees. When you post on Instagram, or Facebook, or email Wee Kings, it’s me replying back to you. I shop for, and select all the patterns. I hand make every item, and package it up. Everything in my shop is a labor of love. I don’t make beautiful necklaces because I have to, I make them because I want to. I love seeing every photo that has a Wee King product in it. The other thing that separates me from any other teething necklace shop is that I have matching earrings for almost every pattern necklace. Those are also made by me. And also, my quality is pretty darn good! Sorry, I know you asked for one, but there are so many things that make Wee Kings unique and awesome. 😉

What’s your favorite part about being a small shop owner?

My favorite thing (ok, two things) about being a shop owner is, I get to stay home with my kids. It is of utmost importance that I be home with my children during the first years of their life, and being able to make my schedule around my kids day is pretty great. The other thing that I love about being a shop owner is the craft community. I have met so many wonderful women on this journey. They are women that I can go to when I have questions, or bounce ideas off of when my brain is in overdrive. It’s a pretty great community of people, and I’m honored to be a part of it.


Photo courtesy of Jade King, owner of Wee Kings
Photo courtesy of Jade King, owner of Wee Kings

Wasn’t that fantastic?! Stay connected with Wee Kings on Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook, and happy shopping!!



*All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I was not paid for this endorsement.*

8 thoughts on “Small Shop Spotlight: Wee Kings

  1. Jade makes beautiful necklaces!!! The quality is amazing and she deserves every bit of this spotlight! Well done!

  2. Hooray – I think I saw a friend of mine perhaps wearing one of her necklaces recently, and loved it! How fun to have a fellow Californian on the Small Shop Spotlight! And hooray for fun details like roller derby-ing! Love when I find out more fun details like that about the person “behind the scenes”.

    1. How neat! You’re originally from Michigan but in California now right? What part? I was actually born in Michigan, in Detroit, but only lived there for 10 months of my life until we moved to California. The Bay Area. But in January our family moved to Georgia.

  3. I absolutely love these necklaces and the idea behind it! I didn’t run across these until after my twins were done teething 🙁 so I thought I would never get to use them! (I gifted them a few times) but then my husband and I and a beautiful surprise when we wound up pregnant again last spring! We expanded our family of 4 to a family of 5 when we welcomed our newest little love in September! Now I get to use one of these little treasures 🙂 thank you for making this beautiful journey a little easier with this amazing treasure 🙂

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