Stand Firm

My weekly devotional….😊


I grew up in a wonderfully loving home, and while we said grace at meals and prayers at night, I didn’t know what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Fast forward to college, and I found myself 3000 miles from my family, faced with a slew of new and different experiences. I wanted to know God better, but I had yet to invite Him into my heart. In the meantime, I made a number of poor decisions, and was influenced by a lot of things. None of which were centered around Christ. These choices I made were not because I was a bad person or set out to make such mistakes, but I was not strong in my own convictions. This left me vulnerable to be swayed by the thoughts and actions of others, because I didn’t understand the beautiful transformation that takes place when your mind is truly renewed in the Lord.

Now I am more firmly rooted and grounded in God’s Holy Word, but I still stumble. A lot. There are times I find it hard to choose God’s way instead of the world’s, but I do my best to stand firm….


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  1. Finally! I just wanted you to know that I have been reading every post! My phone keeps saying loading when I try to commenta I keep thinking that I will go on my computer and comment so you will know. But thinthings get away from me and I never do. Loved THIS this morning, as always!

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