World Breastfeeding Week – Patricia, Alexandra and Lily




I always knew I wanted to breast-feed my babies. I whole-heartedly believe in the health benefits and was determined to stick to this part of my post-partum plan. Leading up to the birth of my oldest daughter I realized that I didn’t know much about what was to come.

I believe I was like many women in thinking that everything would just come naturally. But after receiving a pump from a friend who was unable to breast-feed for medical reasons, and having conversations with other moms who had recently had babies, I began to hear more about their struggles and even pain. I started to wonder what this experience would be like for me, and I did my best to prepare….

Read the rest of our story at Adventures With Baby. We are so honored to be featured by my sweet friend @kalipatt!! 

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

Be encouraged.


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