3 Days, 2 Little Ones, & 15 Lessons I Learned on the Road

Once people found out we were driving across the country their first question was usually  “How long do you think it will take?” I honestly didn’t have an answer, but I knew we needed to remain flexible while traveling with our little ones. The route was planned, but the number of stops and overnight stays was yet to be determined. I questioned my own sanity a few times, while coming to the conclusion that this was a rare opportunity and adventure! 😀

Right before we hit the road!

We left CA at around 12:30pm on Sunday the 11th, and arrived in GA just past 9pm on Wednesday the 14th.  We’d made it in just 3 and a half days, and it was relatively uneventful (a good thing!).  I thank the Lord and all of our praying family and friends for our safe arrival, and here are some tidbits I learned along the way:

1. Rain or shine, night or day, keep driving as long as the children are sleeping! Sure we passed on a few sights, but that gives us more travel ideas to look forward to when they’re older. We started off with ideas of grandeur, but in the end we just wanted to get there expeditiously and make things comfortable for our girls.

2.  As many times as she tells her sister to “stop cryin’!”, Alexandra can definitely sleep through piercing baby cries at close quarters.

3.  Lily, my chill baby, CAN cry. A lot. But for a teething 4 month old who sprouted a tooth during our trip, she was an absolute champ! She even started self-soothing during the last day and a half. Woohoo! Now if only she’ll do that at night…😉

She turned 4 months old on the day we left!

3.  Trying to sensibly pack for a trip like this doesn’t make any sense. But I kept trying. 

The one thing I think I mastered: the toddler/baby survival kit!

4.  I have no shame using ice cream, fruit snacks, chocolate and an IPad for bribery. None.

5.  Remembering the portable DVD player and DVD’s but  accidentally shipping its charger was not as catastrophic as I thought it’d be. Books, an Etcha Sketch, & toy cars still have magical powers.

6.  2 and a half days in, a new DVD charger was purchased.  It was very necessary, lol, but we lasted longer than I thought we would!

7.  In times of sheer desperation you might hear my husband singing along to that one catchy 80s pop song you really don’t want stuck in your head.

8.  K-Love is a sanity-saver!

9.  Being asked to be part of an imaginary band makes you feel like a kid again, and no, you don’t get to choose your instrument.

10. Having your toddler tell you that the clouds are going home to take a nap after Christmas, will absolutely force you to stop and appreciate the beauty of a child’s imagination.

11.  Sometimes the best views are the ones seen in a Subway/gas station/Dairy Queen.


12.  A nursing mom with a baby who thinks sleep is overrated is the perfect candidate to tackle some night driving.

13.  Driving at night on an extremely dark and unfamiliar highway with  bonus patches of fog, sleet, and snow, is not for the faint of heart. Where’s my gold star? I earned it! 😜

14. Your car will remain dirty if you try to get it washed in 28 degree weather.  At least that’s true in Little Rock!

15.  I am guilty at times of doubting the resilience of my children and the fortitude of my husband.  The strength of my family continues to amaze me, and I know that wherever we are, we’re stronger together!

It snowed in Flagstaff, and I have a very sweet husband!








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