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  1. Apathy can be seen everywhere. A silent epidemic that sadly inflicts our society. Just last December when devastation and terror hits many parts of the world and even locally with the Sandy hook massacre, I am really saddened and alarmed when I talk to other people about it and their response is either, “Oh, it’s too depressing so I don’t watch or read them ,” or “Oh, really? I didn’t know,” then drops the subject of conversation. Whereas others can’t even hold their tears as they begin talking about it. I look around me and a lot are so engrossed with their own lavish, close world around malls and other shopping areas like there is no problem in the world. Some would rather entertainment themselves or text with their cellphones than converse with the next person they sit with. Sad? Very! Great post my friend. My wish? May people care more for 2013.

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