Weekly Image of Life: On Christmas Day

Has it really been a week since Christmas?!!  It all happened so fast!  Well, we enjoyed a wonderful holiday season, and had a great time celebrating my daughter’s first Christmas Eve and day.  I hope you all cherished your time with family and friends, and remembered the gift of Jesus Christ in all that you did!!  Here are a few pictures of our day… 🙂

Good morning my loves!
Oh boy, is this for me? Thanks Grandma!!
And these too? Yep, most of this loot belongs to Miss Alexandra. 😉 Thank you to all of our generous family and friends who thought of our little dear.
Mommy, when will my feet get big enough for me to wear these? They’re so cute!
What’s Christmas without some homemade mac and cheese?
Spent the day with one of my best friends and her family. We’ve known each other since the 7th grade, and our babies our only 5.5 weeks apart! Happy times. 🙂
And of course, all I ever really wanted for Christmas I have in these two! Love, love, LOVE them.

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: On Christmas Day

  1. Awe, so sweet. Thanks for sharing Alexandra’s first Christmas! She is such a doll! And boy did she haul in the loot! Aren’t grandmas and other family members fun! (I’m on that end now – we didn’t have any extended family when our girls were growing up, but when they were early teens a wonderful friend became a god-aunt of sorts and spoiled them rotten).
    Okay Patricia, I’m starting back on my healthy eating, but now I want some of your Mac and cheese – thanks! ;-P

    1. Hahaha! The mac and cheese is my mom’s recipe. I think the second batch (not pictured) came out a little better. It was cheesier, lol. Now back to “regular” eating. 😉

      All the people who thought to give something to Alexandra really blessed us. We were overwhelmed by the love and blessed to know that so many others care so much for our precious girl! I hope you and the family had a wonderful time, and Happy New Year!!

  2. The best Christmas gift is having a family that loves us with all their heart. That is one beautiful, joyful morning. Alexandra is just glowing with happiness. She reminds me of my son when he was at that age as he opens his presents. Those boots looks really cute. Wishing you and your family a blessed, amazing 2013. God is truly great! Take care.

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