Weekly Image of Life: Children and Their Gifts

Psalm 127:3 (NLT) Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.

A little over 9 months ago, my husband and I were blessed with the greatest gift.  A sweet baby girl who makes us wonder how we ever lived life without her.  She is my personal sunshine and every day she lights up my life.  I want to remember every milestone and capture every moment, while sharing the happiness she brings me with the people I love the most.

This year, the majority of the gifts we gave for Christmas were pictures of our little family, with my darling daughter at the center of it all.  Our hope was that her sparkling eyes and infectious smile would bring warmth into the hearts of all who received one, and as I share these pictures I hope they do the same for all of you!

All photo credit goes to our incredibly talented friend and professional photographer, Squint Foto, and I hope you’ll take a moment to visit his website:  www.squintfoto.com

Blessings to you all!!

Taylor Holiday-5 Taylor Holiday-8 Taylor Holiday-9 Taylor Holiday-10 Taylor Holiday-11 Taylor Holiday-13 Taylor Holiday-15 Taylor Holiday-16 Taylor Holiday-18 Taylor Holiday-20 Taylor Holiday-17  And last but not least…

My personal favorite. They have my heart. xoxo
My personal favorite. They have my heart. xoxo

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0 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Children and Their Gifts

  1. A post full of love and joy. Our children are our greatest gift each and every Christmas. Beautiful pictures. Each one celebrates the blessings of having a family that brightens your day with their love. Merry Christmas to you my friend. I wish you and your love ones all the love, peace, happiness and good health today and everyday.

  2. Pat, these are simply beautiful! Your baby is a doll and you and your husband give off such a blessed vibe! I personally love the one where she is getting a “nose” full! 🙂 and the one of you lifting her. You look great btw! Keep them coming – can’t wait to see images of her first Christmas! Love your posts, they get me up and going in the mornings when all I want to do is be a slug. 🙂

    1. Hi Darla!

      How was your Christmas? I had a wonderful time with the family, and so much fun enjoying the first with my little one. 🙂 I was absolutely thrilled at how these pictures came out, and the ones with Alexandra and my husband are too precious!!

      I’m glad I could send a little sunshine your way. God bless you and your family and have a happy new year!!!


      1. Sorry Patricia, again, I’m behind on my replys because of the notification problem. I need someone smarter than me to help fix it. I just found this menu on my dashboard that lets me see all comments and found this.

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