Weekly Image of Life: Create

About 3 weeks ago, we came across a garage sale while out on an evening stroll.  We picked up a number of books for Alexandra (including the “Dear God” series by Annie Fitzgerald-LOVE!), and a puzzle for ourselves. 

My husband thought this would be a fun activity to do together, so he counted the pieces and spread them out on our kitchen table.

We were supposed to work on it whenever we had the opportunity, but as of yesterday afternoon there was little difference from the first day.  I decided to come up with a brilliant idea.  We’d finish the whole thing tonight!!!  Psshhhh, don’t ask me what I was thinking, but once Alexandra went to sleep we went to work.  We were a focused team, and for a while we were on a roll!  2.5 hours later my darling hubby began to fade, and at 11:00pm it was well past his usual bedtime.  I appreciated his effort to stay awake on the eve of my birthday, 🙂 but as I kissed him goodnight I just knew I’d catch my second wind and complete the task at hand!  Hahahaha.  Well, let’s just say that while progress was made, the next 2 hours were a blur, and I stopped myself at 1:00am.

My eyelids were heavy, and I still wanted to post a coherent blog before I laid down for the night. 😉  As I stared at the empty spaces I didn’t feel like I did much of anything.  I thought I’d have a completed puzzle to show as my masterful creation, but that was not the case.  Instead, a huge smile came across my face for a completely different reason. I thought about the special quality time that had been created.  No T.V., no phones, no baby in the mix.  Just me and my love, enjoying each other’s company, and creating many special memories.  On any given day, that’s more than enough for me!!

What will you create today?

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Create

  1. I loved this! I think the lesson in your little experiment is what we all do…. we try to make the plans for our life or even our night and God just laughs… there is so much more to it than just putting the pieces in the right places…It is kind of awesome how God keeps filling in the blanks, finding the missing pieces… but HIS timing is not ours…. Sometimes we want to speed HIM up… but HE just keeps going at HIS own pace and suddenly without noticing… the picture is complete and we realize HE had it under control the whole time even though we kept trying to rush it…. Loved this post! It made me reflect your lesson right back on me!!!!

    1. You want to know something? I read your reply as soon as you shared it, but got so caught between my b-day and our trip to GA that I never responded. However, I truly meditated on the wise, wise words you shared! Your reflection is one I needed to be reminded of, and I thank you for that. HIS timing is always what I need, and I trust Him completely for that!!

  2. Couples need to this often, ” I thought about the special quality time that had been created. No T.V., no phones, no baby in the mix. Just me and my love, enjoying each other’s company, and creating many special memories.” Family life is a joy but it can be stressful too. We need moments to bring back the spark, the passion and just simply enjoy a time getting to know each other again, to have fun, laugh, appreciate each other for who we are. Beautiful creation my friend. It reflects the pureness of your heart, your love for family and a strong hold to your faith. You created something that inspired us all. God bless you and your family always. Oh, I bet that puzzle will be finish soon….keep my updated!

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