Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

These images are from a few years ago, but they are what immediately came to mind with this challenge.  Some experiences you will never forget, and this is an incredibly small sample of the many imprinted images from my missionary trip to Nigeria in October, 2009.  A trip that changed my life…

Marketplace in Lagos
Cow crossing! We had to wait for the shepard and his herd to pass before we could enter the church.
Traffic jam! Unlike anything you’ve seen.
Streets of Ibadan
City goat. Just making his way…
Even in a foreign land, some things remain universal.










3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. There are travels and journey that does change our lives, our thoughts, our priorities. I went home this Summer and saw a similar scene in the rural settings and certain parts of my hometown. They remind me that there are people out there who could hardly eat and live in a decent home. People sleep on the streets, children begging for food, kids have to walk miles and miles to go to school while in America a lot live in excess. We whine about the economy but people don’t realize what poverty truly means until you get to visit a third world country. I was inspired though by the people’s faith in God and their devotion. It’s during their hardship that I saw God’s greatest influence in their lives. In America, we are not even suppose to talk about God in government schools. Scary and sad. Inspiring post my friend. Have a great weekend.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. We are tremendously blessed, yet too often the big and small things are taken for granted. I, too was particularly impressed by their unashamed commitment and love of the Lord, never hesitating to thank Him even though they lived in conditions we’d never dream of. Thank you so much for your thoughts, and as I continue to pray for you and your beautiful family I also pray that as a nation we grow in the name of the Lord!!

      God Bless you IT and have a marvelous weekend as well!!


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