Weekly Image of Life: Smile (In Honor of My Father’s Grin…)

This is my dad.  Wasn’t he a handsome young man? 🙂

I was constantly told that I smile like him, and that’s one compliment I’m always grateful to receive. 

His smile could light up any room, and bring the best out of anyone.  It beamed with genuine joy and love, and your frown had no place to stay if he was in your presence.  He was quick to flash his pearly whites to any camera that was aimed in his direction…and even a few that weren’t! 😉

He taught me how to pose with the best of them, but no matter what, he was my favorite picture partner.

He now spends his days in Heaven, where I know his countenance reflects the happiness and peace that comes with praising Our Mighty Lord.  I sometimes cry when I think of this, but not out of sadness or disappointment.  I shed tears over the goodness of God and the certainty of our reunion in Eternity.  I smile because as much as my daughter looks like her father, she has my smileThe smile of her Grandpa John.

For this I am thankful, and my smiles..our smiles…will never cease!! 


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19 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Smile (In Honor of My Father’s Grin…)

  1. Let me be the first to proudly LIKE this one!!! You can send me from zero to sixty to a state of tears. I love the way you love your dad! I bet he is smiling right NOW!!!! What amazing pics you have together! What a treasure! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. And the SMILES continue!! 🙂 You know I had you in mind when I was working on this post. The words you wrote just days ago, encouraged me SO MUCH!! It’s a blessing to be able to rejoice in the face of loss, and I’m glad that my love for him clearly comes across. I will always be his princess!!

      1. You can get me so touched, to the point of tears even your replies! What a compliment that even just a smidgen of anything about me inspired YOU to write this masterpiece!!!

  2. Oh how I love seeing photos of you and your dad! He was living proof of the power of one person lifting the spirits of everyone he met. What a beautiful way to honor his memory…. And I agree my little niece has a daddy Boyce smile 🙂

  3. Your photographs are beautiful! Great commentary, and very touching! Your post caused me to think about my dad, who would have been celebrating his birthday on October 26! Thanks so much for sharing, and may the Lord bless you, abundantly!


  4. His smile lives on in you and your daughter. I enjoyed seeing the closeness you two shared. My dad was called home all too soon (I was 14), I missed many of life’s joys with him, but like you said, it is a blessing to rejoice in the face of loss, I can rejoice in our loved that was shared for 14 yrs in the midst of his struggles and his pain; and rejoice that one day we will be with our daddy’s once again.

    1. Thank you for sharing this with me Patty. I had 28 years with my dad, but it never seems enough. However, I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful memories (those captured with photos and others in my heart), and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he knew how much I loved and appreciated him. I still do!! 🙂

      God bless you and your family and I always appreciate hearing from you!

  5. this is such a loving and beautiful tribute to your dad … i am sure his SMILES in heaven are beyond joy as he sees how you honor him in your life! God bless you more …


  6. “Wow”!! You do favor your Father and Grandfather so much,just beautiful people and what a joy it will be to see them again.Praise God!!
    Love you 😀

  7. Yes, you dad had the most handsome smile that lights up the room and make everyone around him feel happy. You and your daughter got the same beautiful and bright smile that lights up the world around you. I believe that such a smile comes from a heart that is truly happy . A heart of love, hope and faith. Thanks for sharing all these. God bless you and your family.

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