Monday Motivation: Nike “Voices”

Did you know that the 2012 Olympics was the FIRST TIME in its history that every country had at least one female athlete?!!  This commercial has me all fired up!  We can do it ladies! Two words:  Girl Power!!

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  1. Yes girl power we do indeed have as woman Patricia but to me being a woman is not what I can do but who I am and regardless of what others think. As woman we are cherished and chosen by God, we have a very high calling as Helpmates to those men who are in Authority in our lives, to support them in their Leadership roles. Even though God and Adam were in close fellowship, God still said it is not good for Man to be alone, we are greatly needed , emotionally, mentally , spiritually and physically in a mans life, yes we are indeed very much of value and we also all need each other in the Body of Christ, no one is less a person of worth then another, we are here to serve each other.

    I will leave you a Link Patricia and I hope the story in it will bless you as it did me, to be assured that as a woman our value to God is so great that it cannot be calculated in worldly reckoning, is awesome..

    Blog Post –

    Christian Love Anne.

    1. I absolutely agree with you Anne! I’m proud because of who God says I am, not only as the women He created me to be, but the PERSON I am. We have been blessed with an awesome responsibility as wives and mothers, but as people our roles as encourager, friend, support, etc. are so far-reaching! I love the link you’ve shared with me. Just yesterday I began working on a message based on that very topic. Our priceless value in God’s eyes!! Everyone, and I mean everyon should know the love of Christ and what we are “worth” to Him.

      Psalm 139:14
      I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

      God bless,

  2. Hi Patricia, I felt the same way when I heard the statistics about female athletes this year at the Olympic games. Go girls!! I think we as women in the church have an awesome responsibility to help women understand God’s love and acceptance of women. Too often this has been a place of confusion and pain as His Word was distorted and women were made to feel like second class citizens in the family of God.
    Thanks for the shout out to all sisters!!
    Blessings, Erin

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erin! I’m glad this resonated with you as well, and you’re right. We ALL have value in the eyes of the Lord. As women, as children of God, accepting and loving one another, not tearing each other down, is key!

      Hope all is well. God Bless!


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