Cry Baby Cry: I Just Want My Mommy!

Yesterday was frustrating. I’ve been teaching Bible Study the last couple months, and while I prepare throughout the week I spend most of the day on Wednesday completing my notes and getting spiritually and mentally ready for the evening. On these days I pray for focus, solid understanding, Holy Spirit wisdom, and for a cooperative baby (among other things). To my chagrin, Alexandra was not in agreement with my last request, and cries rang out all day. 

 I did my best to read between the lines (and tears). Whether it was for food, a diaper change, to be held, to be entertained, stared at, more food, whatever, I was hard pressed to get anything done. I couldn’t help but think of my friends who would chuckle and say ”welcome to mommyhood” or ”you might as well get used to this now”. True as these words may be, I was in no laughing mood. I was in desperate need of productivity, and the breaks in which I let her ”cry it out” only rattled my nerves more. Instead of having a meltdown, I tried explaining to her that mommy needed a shower, lunch and to study. She wouldn’t budge. The small signs of growing independence she’d been displaying all week were all but gone. It was clear. She just wanted her mommy. I somehow managed to accomplish 2 of the 3 items on my list (like my child, being clean and full makes me feel better!) before texting the hubby, asking him to head home expeditiously once he got off work. As much as my baby needed me, I needed his help to accomplish what I’d set out to do. In the meantime, I surrendered to the cries and gave into Alexandra’s every request until daddy came home to rescue me.

At last he arrived, and like my knight in shining armor he took the baby in the other room, and there was peace at last!  Well, not completely, lol, but enough for me to finish what I’d set out to do hours before.  Off to Bible study we went, and while still trying to shake off the “blahs”, my little one’s currently joyful disposition all but erased the earlier madness. Returning home last night was more of the same.  I was the one she was looking for to give her comfort before she went to sleep.  It was in my arms that she wanted to be held, and my voice that soothed her cares away.  I was so bothered earlier, but as the house fell silent and the stars shone brightly outside my window, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation.  As much as it may irritate me when things don’t go according to my plan, I can’t stand the thought of my baby being unhappy.  Knowing that I have what it takes to wipe those tears and bring that smile out is more meaningful than what I can truly put in to words.  The crazy part is, I don’t have all the answers, yet I find a way to soothe her.  God is omniscient, and He not only knows everything I need, but has the means to provide all that I ask of Him!  If the love I have for my daughter is but a mere glimpse of what the Lord feels toward me, I am indeed priceless in His eyes!!!  Isn’t that refreshing?!

The love of our Father goes beyond the cross, thru the Resurrection, and into our innermost spirit.  He wants us to cling to Him like a baby clings to her mother, and go to Him with our every request.  Do you cry out to God?  Do you desire to constantly be in His presence? His goodness is always enveloping us, but do you feel it?  Do you know it?  God is waiting, and like the ultimate parent He springs into action when we call on His name.

Thank you Lord for your goodness!!

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0 thoughts on “Cry Baby Cry: I Just Want My Mommy!

  1. This melted my heart on so many levels! God is good. Thank you for sharing this story. I pray we are more and more in tune to the many blessings bestowed upon us. It’s amazing how the Lord shows himself in the middle of our lives and our daily situations.

    Blessings to you sis!

  2. I love it…and yes welcome to mommyhood from a mother of five. I do miss those days….send her to me….smiling. As I was reading the post God revealed that how a baby needs her mommy ……we as children need our heavenly Father (Jesus). The second revealing was when you needed hubby, your knight in shining armor to rescue you. How we need our Heavenly Father to rescue us! So this message has many lessons in it but those were the two God revealed as I indulged in this small miracle from God crying out for some love and affection.. She is beautiful and a blessing that will be heard.

    Sending love to the both of you….she is so precious. I love the pictures of her.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and for the kind words Shenine! The two lessons you brought out definitely ran thru my mind as I wrote this. God is our ALL and I can’t begin to imagine where I’d be without Him! Thinking of the wonderful mother I’m sure you are to your blessed 5, and the mom I strive to be with my daughter, reminds me of how truly amazing our Lord is to care for us all! I look forward to sharing more lessons from motherhood!

      God Bless!

  3. I admire your determination to teach while being a mommy of a very young baby. I was a youth teacher, but I think I took a break (just for a little while) while mine were newly born. Oh yeah, there is also strength in numbers. Siblings often help with the clingy phase. But sitting with your baby while things go undone is not unaccomplishment; it is time spent teaching her about God’s love.

  4. I remember one time in Target, a woman about my age now, was walking past my cart when my daughter who was about two at the time reached up and hugged me and said:”I love you Mommy.” And I absently replied “I love you too baby.” The woman stopped and exclaimed “Did she just say I love you?!” And went on, “Ooh enjoy it now honey because it goes by so fast.” And then proceeded to tell me that her baby had just left for college and how someday I would remember that “old lady” who had come up to her when it was my turn to say goodbye.
    I needed that reminder. I was right about at the same stage when you had to schedule or actually sneak bathroom breaks around my kids, when driving in an empty car was like a date with myself let alone trying on clothes without a stoller in the dressing room! And now I would love to turn around and see that carseat filled with that little girl who said I love you that September day.She has since moved to LA and been out of school for a few years. She is my very best friend and she still tells me I love you Mommy out of the blue but you know what? It’s always nice to be reminded that in a blink of an eye… it flashes by!

    1. That is so sweet! I deeply value the relationship I have with my mom and I pray for that my daughter will look to me the way I look to her one day. My daughter is my joy and has changed my whole world! In the midst of a plethra of advice and comments about having a baby, the number one thing I heard was to cherish every moment because they grow up so fast!! I’ve done my best to heed such advice because even as an infant I see so many changes. It’s incredible and I will do my best not to take any moment for granted.

      Thanks for sharing and I hope to hear from you again!! 🙂


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