It’s More Than a Bump

July 13, 2011, my husband and I made a discovery that would forever change the course of our lives. It was on this day, a Wednesday, that we found out I was pregnant with our first child. We were elated, and I knew right away that I wanted the gender of our baby to remain a surprise. It took some convincing, but my darling hubby agreed that we’d wait until the birth to learn if I’d been carrying a little prince or princess.  My heart told me I was having a girl, but the sheer mystery of it all added so much more to the excitement.  My pregnancy was faced with many challenges, and although I rarely felt the way I hoped I would, I never took for granted how special and precious this experience was.  God had allowed a miracle to take place inside me and we wanted to capture the moment in a timeless way.  The obvious choice was to turn to our dear friend and brother in the Lord, Squint Foto . The pictures you see were taken by him at the end of our 39 week journey. The love that was felt while being photographed is almost as obvious as the labor of love that went into making these photos a marvelous gift.  You can’t put a price on God-given talent, nor on the arrival of a healthy baby, and we are deeply grateful for bearing witness to the existence of both.


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